Frozen Egg McMuffin Review

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches - Easy, make-ahead freezer-friendly sandwiches, perfect for breakfast-on-the-go! Ready in just 2 minutes!

You have 2 choices, eat these as soon as you make them or get in your car and go to McDonald’s.

These were easy to make, steps were easy to follow for the most part. The eggs were unpredictable. I didn’t find they were fully cooked given the allotted time. I don’t care for slimy, snot-like eggs so I cooked mine a little longer to get rid of the pending hocker on the top.

We assembled them with 1 slice of ham, 1/2 slice of American cheese and wrapped them up.

I’m not a breffis girl, I don’t like most breffis foods. Welllll, unless it’s found on the bottom of the healthy list, then I tend to love those ones but as I try to eat best I can during the week, I avoid the bottom of the list Monday thru Thursday. Let’s not talk about the other 3 days, k?

Eggs and pancakes fall way in last place but I’ll eat eggs as best I can, aka smothered in ketchup (don’t say eww, it’s very normal)

I looked forward to my new breffis concoction early Monday, I wrapped it in a paper towel and cooked for 1 minute. It was sizzling, think from the cheese melting. It felt hot, so I played ‘hot potato’ and tossed it on my plate and headed back to my 8×8 box (aka cubicle). First bite was pretty good, pretty hot & cheesy, some ham and ketchup tipped my taste buds but just a nip of egg. Probably why I liked this bite the best. The second bite I instantly could tell a temp difference. As I wrinkled my nose and looked at it like it had 6 legs, I touched the center where the egg was only to find it was still frozen. Blech!!

Back to the microwave. Nuked 30 additional seconds. Checked – still cold but muffins were really hot and getting kinda soggy due to the mounds of ketchup I doused them in, so removed them and set them aside. Put egg & ham back in for 30 more seconds. Ham started popping and shriveling like a piece of rawhide, so I stopped it, removed the ham as well, felt the egg which still felt like a hockey puck. I put it BACK in the microwave and nuked another 30 seconds. Then another. This was an egg born from a zombie I swear! It would NOT heat up. It was hot on the outside so I just said “eff it” and pieced my samich back together, walked back to my box, took one bite into the egg and chucked it in the fuck bucket.

Bottom line, these are NOT microwaveable. If I had individually scrambled each egg to a much thinner consistency these may have worked but this method did not. And as I was trying to find the exact recipe that I had followed, I came across one very much like this one where it stated IN BOLD these are NOT good in the microwave, best results if baked in oven. Where the hell was that recipe when I needed it?

Find recipe (if you really want to) here.


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