I am a huge music lover. I’ve sang since I could speak. I’ve been in a band & an acoustic duo and even have a recorded CD. I listen to anything from the 1950’s to present. I’m not a huge “hippie” type music fan, but there’s some.

My mother used to say, if teachers would sing their lessons, I would have had straight A’s. My mind absorbs lyrics much more than spoken word. I feel it, I can relate, I can understand much more.

So when my partner and I went to a dueling piano bar, I was singing right along to EVERY DAMN SONG. She often asks me “how do you know all these songs?” It’s just what I’ve done all my life, consumed my sorrows, happiness, whatever in music. I write as well but find that I only do that in grim times in my life and they can be quite depressing, but some good shit.

This song comes on, they’re banging away on the ivory keys and the crowd roars. My partner smiles and I sit there like “what am I missing?” The entire crowd, INCLUDING my partner – who does NOT sing often especially in public, because she really isn’t very musically talented (though I love her little off key singing) begins to sing. My thought? WTF is this and how does she know this??

I have no clue what this song is. I’m staring at her and she looks at me completely dumbfounded and says “don’t you know this?” To my dismay, I did not. Now, I haven’t been much of a country music buff for that long, more so since I’ve been with her & I tend to like female country artists, besides Rascal Flatts who I love. My dad loved Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys & a few others but I really didn’t listen to much country until I met her and it was still limited. The twang just kinda works my last nerve. Plus to me Darius Rucker will always be Hootie.

Since that day in May, it’s been my goal to learn this mother effin’ song. So next time, we can belt out the lyrics together! Starting today… this will be on repeat until I can sing it in my sleep.


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