compliments are contagious

Who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves? Whether your day is average, super-de-dooper or a crap shoot, a compliment can change a person’s mood (maybe just temporarily) for no cost at all.

Studies showed that people actually get the same “feel good” vibe when receiving a compliment as they do when they receive money. And it costs a lot less!! People even tend to perform better in areas throughout the day just from one simple statement. 

I often get compliments about my hair, sometimes I feel I take them for granted because I do get them so often. I know, for myself, how quickly a compliment puts a smile on my face and a little extra bounce in my step, so why not make everyone feel that good?

So, my goal lately has been to try to compliment one person a day. Whether it’s someone I know, a coworker or a complete stranger. Look for the good. This not only makes that other person feel good at that moment but it’s also teaching me to look for the good in everyone. So instead of my typical analysis of their hair and thinking “boy they need a hair makeover” I look for something positive to focus on, whether it’s their nice shirt, great laugh, snazzy shoes, beautiful eyes, that is what I choose to focus on.

It’s going well, today I told a lady coming out of the restroom that her shirt was pretty, her face lit up and she thanked me. I felt good, she felt good. BAM! Just like that, “feel good” vibes were everywhere.

Give it a whirl yourself, share in the comments if you’d like!


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