Make a Date

Make a date with your significant every week. My partner and I work two jobs each. Lucky for us, our second jobs are together, at a health club so it’s not that bad… BUT it’s still not quality time together.

Every Wednesday she teaches a class at the gym but I don’t work. I will stay home for a little “me” time  even though I love her class (and it kicks my ass) I know that “me” time is very important for everyone. “US” time is very important as well. Often couples just don’t make the time for themselves to enjoy each other’s company, have some fun, just reconnect.

Wednesday nights are our ‘date night’ and it can range from home cooked meals with a few hands of strip poker to going to the local family fun center and spending a few bucks just acting like kids. We’ve played hide-n-seek in the dark (fun with 5 felines who give your hiding space away), played videos games until our hands cramped, taken a hot bubble bath with wine – in red solo cups of course, tried new restaurants, shot a few rounds of pool & played arcade games like two young kids.

These types of things were done at the beginning of our relationship, you know, the “honeymoon” phase. But after nearly 12 years things got routine, boring and it really put a wedge in our relationship. But not anymore. Even on “non-date” nights, we spend time sitting together on the porch just talking, looking at the stars, laughing about videos online, or noshing on some ice cream.

Find that special night as often as you can, make the time. We both look forward to ‘hump’ day now for more than the obvious reasons.


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