Counting Calories Sucks – But it Works

I’ve been through enough ups and downs of dieting/healthy eating to know that if I’m not counting my calories then you can bet your sweet ass I’m eating more than I should be in order to lose a few pounds.

Sure, in my head I say “but I’m eating healthy”… which yes, oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, fruit and yogurt for snacks, is eating healthy. Then there’s those little in-betweeners we forget to take into consideration: the 2 mini chocolate bars, the 20 tic tacs, the 6 crackers, the granola bar, the 10 chips, the 20 pretzels, the 12 swedish fish.. maybe not all in one day but those are things I tend to grab-n-go and shove in my mouth without taking into consideration how many calories I’m truly taking in and then turn around and say “I’m eating healthy”.

My dinners are hit or miss… it can be a simple tuna melt (wheat samich thin, lite mayo) and that’s it. Or it can be a night where I don’t wanna cook so I grab a Hot ‘n Ready from Little Caesars & put down a good 3 pieces. Then there’s the weekend….. but let’s not go there.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been “eating better” – or have I? So this weekend, I downloaded (once again) Myfitnesspal, got out the healthy cookbooks and Oxygen magazines and I planned out my entire week of food. I started yesterday with Protein Cheerios (measure of course) with skim milk and my cup of coffee (which has more calories than I’d like but that’s one thing I just won’t budge on) For lunch, I had one slice of leftover mushroom pizza and a diet soda (not the best drink choice but I only drink it with pizza) throughout the day I popped one Dove dark chocolate caramel candy in my mouth but stopped at one. Before my workout I needed a pick-me-up, though I know there were better choices, I poured a cup of Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee, added 2 TBS of creamer and 1 tsp of sugar. Dinner was homemade “skinny” chicken & broccoli alfredo, I measure 1 cup of it. It looked like a portion for an infant but I ate it and packed the rest up. As a nighttime snack I had 2 cinnamon graham crackers and water.

  • My calorie goal each day is: 1260
  • I ate 1280
  • I burned 437

Not bad for my first day, I wasn’t starving but I also was at home. That is the key. When I’m at work, I get bored. I graze. I sit at my desk and nibble on anything in reach and though I try to keep healthy choices handy, I seem to find those “hidden” snacks my coworkers have stashed away. (Office of 10 women, we keep a plethora of chocolate readily available) Today is the real test. I already entered everything into myfitnesspal this morning so I knew when I was to eat what.

I know from experience, calories in vs calories out is the key to losing belly fat. Lucky for me *insert sarcasm font* I gain ALL my weight in my stomach area. My legs and arms stay the same, my bottom will gain a bit but that’s ok, I like squats so I like a nice juicy bottom. I would prefer the little fat critters to evenly distribute themselves but they’re a close nit group I guess.

Weight loss is 90% food, 10% exercise, unfortunately because I love to workout so I’d love to be able to just workout every day and eat whatever I want, but my body chemistry is just not like that. You have to eat nutritious foods, not just watch the calorie count, as you have to take in healthy calories. Don’t get me wrong, I will NOT give up the foods I love, I just eat them in moderation. I love cheese steaks, french fries, pizza, Chinese, chips and much more but I know to limit them. I usually pick Saturday as my “IDGAFAF Day” (translation – I don’t give a fuck about food day) and I eat whatever my little heart desires and I find, that when I start eating healthier and have for several days, even my binge days aren’t all that bad because I can’t stomach all the crap and my stomach also shrinks in time so when I could put down a whole sub and fries, now I find I can share a sub and fries with my significant and be just as satisfied and not feel like an over-inflated blimp.

I hate counting though. It gets tiring, frustrating and too time consuming. I want a mechanism that is attached to my body that just calculates what I’m eating. It can have alarms when it’s low on water and it’ll tell me to drink up! Or as soon as I start eating that second piece of pizza it’ll warn me about my leftover calorie count for the day. I don’t want to whip out my phone everywhere I go to google the calories in a meal or sit down every day and input every item I ate. THOUGH, this process either MAKES you successful at this or makes you give up. I know that now I hesitate before tossing some yummy goodness in my mouth and I check to see how many calories I have left, if I don’t have enough I make sure I get my booty in gear and burn those extras I consumed. Remember, a 500 calorie deficit per day = 1 lb loss per week. That’s 3500 calories less a week whether it’s by less intake or more movement, that’s the equation. Sucks, but is doable.


2 thoughts on “Counting Calories Sucks – But it Works

  1. Hi there, I was nodding all the way through your entry. Everything is so spot on and I feel exactly the same way. Yet again I have downloaded MyFitnessPal, after trying other diets in the past I genuinely feel counting calories is the only way to go. Good luck on your journey, I’ll check in every so often see how you’re getting on. 👍🏻

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    • Good luck to you! It truly is the only way no matter how much we want to fight it! We’re always looking for a quick fix but it doesn’t work that way with weight loss. It’s pure dedication and if you want it bad enough you’ll do it! But man food is good! LOL 🙂


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