Date Night – Using the date jar

I am a Pinterest addict. If I could make a living pinning, I’d for sure be pretty rich. I know many pin and just move on and never really LOOK or TRY what they pinned. I am not that pinner. Granted I have nearly 11,000 pins so obviously I have not tried them all but I try a lot.

I got the “date jar” idea from pinterest. I found the craft idea then pinned tons of date ideas from different pinners and sites. The Dating Divas is one of my faves.
The name says it all. TONS of ideas for dates, at home dates, adventurous dates, romantic dates, fun dates, lazy dates, cheap dates… whatever you’re looking for, they’ve written about it.

We created our jar on “date night” last week. We grabbed our mason jar, popsicle sticks, highlighters, colored pens and list of date ideas we like and we headed to Panera for iced coffees and shared a brownie. This in itself was a fun date!

Tuesday night we drew a popsicle stick. We color coordinated them so that we knew which ones were at home (cheaper options) versus going out and spending money options. We choose a pink one since we just returned from vacation. We got “slow dance to your favorite love songs” ❤

After dinner, we strolled upstairs, lit some incense, closed the curtains and lit a few color changing lights. My partner wore her sweats and tank top but grabbed a sexy tie and put it on (I loved this idea) so I grabbed my pretty swimsuit cover up and slipped it on. It wasn’t extravagant or time-consuming but added a little to the moment.

We both played our songs and danced close, holding each other. We even shed a tear a two knowing how much the words to the songs meant for each of us.

Then, just like all date nights, we grabbed the popsicle stick with the date on it and took a selfie in our attire and date stamped it to put in our smash book (another date night idea)

Simple yet so meaningful.

And in case you were wondering, here are the songs we danced to. (She swears the one she played was written about me – to a tee!!) 🙂

The one she played for me.

The one I played for her:



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