Recipe Review – Tortellini pasta salad with fresh corn, tomatoes and basil

One word: ORGASMIC!

‘Nuff said.

Okay, I gotta add a little more since this is a blog.

I got this recipe here. My sis gave me a basil plant she grew from the seed because I said how much I loved basil. (my actual words were “the smell of basil kinda turns me on”) This is a true statement, as strange as it may be.

When I got home, I of course jumped on (No! No! mind out of gutter) PINTEREST! And started a massive basil recipe board search. Sadly, I don’t like pesto, think it’s the piney flavor, so I had to scroll through blunders of those to find anything that my taste buds would enjoy. When I saw this image (above) I knew I HAD to make this. Though I balked a little at cutting the corn off the cob, I did as instructed. I also added 2 grilled chicken breasts to the recipe since this was our lunch for the week and we need to get our protein in. I used a 19 oz bag of tortellini, figured those 2 ounces were made up for with the chicken. The dressing is very light, I didn’t think it was enough at first but it spread out quite well.

My ingredients hadn’t “cooled” when I mixed them but my taste buds were applauding! I prefer it warm versus the cold salad version but I also have uber sensitive teeth and prefer most foods warmed up a bit.

So take ‘orgasmic’ ‘smell turns me on’ ‘ spreads out quite well’ and this for sure is the star of my food porn collection.


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