Fur babies are family ♥

Our rescues are our family. They are not pets or ornaments or prizes. They are our babies. Our fur babies. We’ve had a total of 9 felines together. When we met I had 3 orange ones and my partner had 1 calico. Since then we have rescued 5 additional fur babies.

I love animals, all animals. Much more than people. My bumper sticker should read “I brake for animals, if you’re human, you better run”.

I’ve volunteered different places (feline & canine) but find that I bring too many home (oops). I’ve fostered once and though this is very heroic and I commend those who do it, the one time we fostered two kittens we spent weeks grieving over their adoption. It was just too damn hard to part. Can’t do it.

I’m all for adopting, not buying. I don’t care for breeding, the world has plenty of unwanted animals that need homes, no need to breed, especially for the sake of money. Grr.

Last year we lost 2 of our fur babies. Very hard losses, as they always are but the one was so young and died of heart disease. She was THE sweetest baby I’ve ever met. It was 6 months ago on June 28th that we lost her & I still tear up (okay I cry) about it. Her time with us was just too short & we miss her tremendously.

Our fur babies get constant attention and love. We absolutely do the “baby” talk voice with them and some even talk back (that’s the best). They cuddle with us and even pose for selfies with us. We share our food (love honey maple turkey) and our house (bed, tub, shoes, etc) What’s ours is theirs and what’s theirs… well, they’re cats so it’s theirs. We have several cat towers, we’ve made carpeted window seats so they could be comfortable while watching the birdies out back, we leave the front door open even in 30 degree weather so they can try to chase the leaves, we give them filtered spring water… and the list goes on because to us, they’re family. My son says they get treated better than him… could be true 😉

My thoughts, if you’re going to get a “pet” be sure you want a family member, that’s exactly what they are and how they should be treated. Hers a very tiny sneak peak at our family, it was very hard to just pick a few pictures!! Love them so ♥


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