Look What the Cat Dragged In…. A Whole New Me!

Well, where the hell have I been?!?! BUSY LIVING LIFE!! And I mean BUSY and HAPPY 🙂

Let’s skip right to the main reason I have been MIA… it’s called I started my own business. I’m a part-time (working to become full time) promoter for a company called Le-Vel, promoting the Thrive product line. Haven’t heard of it? Yea, neither did I. But lord help me I’m so glad I have!!

I stumbled upon a magazine at the gym I work at (yep, still there…for now) called “Success from Home” and the entire issue was dedicated to the Le-Vel company. It’s a fairly new company, we just celebrated it’s 3rd birthday this week. So I’m looking it over, seeing these funky yet cool looking sticker things on everyone, know as a DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) Patch. It’s nutrition in a patch. Bam! Talk about great marketing!

I was curious, I read quite a few testimonies, then checked out their Facebook page. They were some very inspiring stories, I mean very. Some brought me to tears, maybe I’m just a big ole sap!

After life kicked me in gut in 2014, I had trouble bouncing back to my old self. I was fighting depression and it was winning. I started emotionally eating, felt moody and tired all the time. I would go to my full time job, go home, take a power nap for 30 minutes and head out to my second job. I was short tempered and easily agitated. I tried 3 different anti-depressants before I finally agreed to continue one that didn’t make me feel like a slug with no libido. I took it for months and noticed some days were better, but a lot still weren’t. My doc increased it to the max dosage, it was okay, I wasn’t wanting to jump off a bridge as often but I still was struggling. Struggling to smile, laugh, go to my job, get out of the house, workout, enjoy friends and family…. it was awful. It was so unlike me and I was so damn tired of feeling this way. It has been over a year now that I was facing this turmoil and depressing life and I just couldn’t shake it to the extent that I wanted to.

I read what Thrive was supposed to help with. The biggest 2 things for me were ENERGY and MOOD ELEVATION. Sure the other benefit were bonuses, such as metabolism boost, appetite suppression, less soreness and discomforts, mental clarity, weight management…. okay, yea they were great too but I just wanted to be happy and have the energy to face each day with a smile. So, I ordered a 3 day trial pack.

Day 1 – took 1 pill, 30 minutes later drank half a shake with OJ and slapped on my DFT. I felt amazing energy within the hour. I was talkative, which is quite odd for me as I’ve never been a morning person. They advise no caffeine for best results, I was not thrilled with this as I always need my coffee, but I didn’t have one. And honestly, I didn’t need it. I felt queasy early on in the morning, it’s recommended that you eat, even without an appetite. I still had an appetite but didn’t feel the best to my stomach.

Day 2 – Same process, no coffee. I was a chatty Kathy all morning long. Again, I felt kinda yucky to my belly the first half of the morning and starting thinking “this isn’t going to work for me”. I read some testimonies and saw many that said the first few days they felt “off” but that’s due to the product detoxing your body of toxins and making room for the nutrients so I kept going. I still had energy though, I remember sitting at my desk thinking “man, I could run a marathon right now!”

Day 3 – Still no coffee and I wasn’t missing it at all. I mean, I love the flavor so I missed that part but I wasn’t craving it or needing it. AND for the first day, I didn’t feel sick. I felt awake, focused, I had this amazing clean energy that wasn’t making me jittery. I realized on my way home that for the past 3 days, I didn’t nap or even think about napping. Instead I worked out between jobs!!

I was sold. I felt great. I was waking up with a smile on my face, looking forward to the day. I wasn’t laying in bed for 20 minutes talking myself out of calling off yet again. My partner watched for these few days and said “wow, you’re so different” and she was right, I wasn’t groggy, moody or lazy. I was talking and smiling and laughing again. I was sold, not only on starting the Thrive Experience but on promoting this amazing product. I wanted my friends and family to feel this great. My partner started her experience as well and was a Day One Thriver!

By day 5 I realized I hadn’t woken up 3, 4, 5 times during the night & then struggled to get back to sleep. What??? I had slept thru the night? I hadn’t in over a year and it was one of the best feelings! It makes getting up at 5:30am so much more doable! So my journey began.

I’m almost at 2 months as a Thriver, my bodily discomforts have improved and my recovery time after a good workout is so much shorter. The energy I burn during a workout has increased, and finally around week 3 I noticed a decrease in appetite. Some days I have to make myself eat because I just don’t feel hungry like I did before Thrive. I also don’t get those afternoon saggy draggies and sugar cravings. I would always eat several pieces of chocolate during the afternoon to try to suppress my hunger and feed my boredom. I always felt that after a meal I had to have something sweet, I don’t feel that craving anymore.

I stopped taking my 15 pills in the morning. I used to take B6, B12, B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Calcium, Glucosamine, Potassium, Wellbutrin, Water Pill, Multi vitamin, drink a pre-workout and a post workout drink. I’ve kicked them all!! Instead of gagging down 15 pills in the morning I take one. And get more from that ONE pill than I ever did on all those supplements. Boy, GNC is gonna miss me!

I’ve never believed in a product like I do Thrive. My partner, who has her degree in exercise science and nutrition and is also a Personal Trainer, swears by this product also. She includes it in her training packages and makes sure that all her clients are feeling their best!

The company incentives & reliability are just bonuses! Within my first 14 days as a promoter I earned a $400 cash bonus, and MY monthly product FREE! 2 weeks later I earned a FREE iPad mini. At 6 weeks, I just hit my 4K promoter status!! Woohoo!! Working towards my auto bonus and lifestyle getaways (there’s 4 a year)

My friends and family love it as well and I love seeing them living their lives to the fullest and love that I am too now! A simple 3 step process in the morning that fills in those nutritional gaps that our body is missing makes such a huge difference in just going thru the motions of life or truly LIVING life!! ♥

I could go on and on about the past few months and about Thrive, but sure I’ll post more! If you are interested in any information feel free to contact me. You can sign up for a FREE (no obligation) acct at my site chameleon18.le-vel.com and check out the products, but most importantly, if you have a FB, do yourself a favor and “like” the Le-Vel page, there are so many inspiring, true testimonies that represent how this company is changing lives!


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