Silence is not my thing…

Duh. Just by the title of my blog it tells you I’m not good at being silent or keeping my mouth shut. I’m a Sagittarius, if you don’t know one, look it up. We aren’t very shy.

I’m still upset with my son. I hate it though. Granted we haven’t brushed elbows much since the incident. Just in passing, but after work he usually chatters about his day with me. He’ll ask where we’re going for date night. No more than maybe 10 words since the weekend. Is he tip toe-ing or am I??

We don’t even greet each other when we walk in the house. I don’t like it. I don’t like tension in my house. I guess as the adult, I need to make the first move. I believe with him, he knows mommy is pissed so he’s just being cautious. But not too cautious…..

Woke this morning to a kitchen garbage OVERFLOWING with stuff he tried jamming in there including a milk container that STILL contained milk. Eww! First of all, dump it! Second of all, we have a recycling  bin organizer (3 mind you) right in the kitchen. Pure laziness. Drives. Me. Nuts.

On top of that, the cookies they baked were still on the pan, on the stove. Oven mitt on the counter next to the spatula. Really? Is it that hard to put the cookies in a baggie & toss the dishes in the sink, AT LEAST! I mean, I don’t even expect them to wash them at night, just put them in the sink.

Guarantee it will all still be there when we get home. They rush to get up & get to work so I’m sure there was no time for tidy-ing up. I pulled the milk out of the trash & dumped it, rinsed it & tossed it in the recycling bin. Why you ask? Better to not fuel my partner’s rage too. We don’t need both of us sour so early. I pulled the trash bag out as well as I couldn’t get anything in it anyway.

Sigh… silence isn’t getting my point across. Maybe it’s letting him know I’m still hurt & angry at his behavior but the part about “everyone doing their part” doesn’t seem to be sticking!! Time to get out the Barney videos… yes, for my 21 year old. :-/


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